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The Firm

Excellence PRN Healthcare Staffing firm specializing in providing temporary and permanent placement healthcare facilities. The firm is an exceptional resource for healthcare organizations in providing recruitment, interview, and screening for the selection of the most elite healthcare professionals within the industry.
Excellence PRN has established network of healthcare professionals in response to the need for a platform that supports and recognizes ELITE healthcareworkers.  Our members are elite individuals that represent healthcare excellence and are invaluable to the industry. Our network is composed of highly skilled individuals who are committed to education and professional development. This elite interprofessional network offers the opportunity to share and recivebenefits such as mentorship, support, and communication with like-minded individuals.

The Network

Our Mission

At Excellence PRN, we are dedicated to providing recruitment and staffing of the highest quality healthcare professionals that meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Our mission is to support the highest standard of healthcare through innovative recruitment and creating successful partnerships between healthcare staff and facilities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be our client's go-to resource for candidates of excellence. We are committed to creating a supportive and collaborative environment, allowing healthcare professionals to provide skills of excellence to the healthcare industry. 

Our Core Values


At Excellence PRN, we believe in offering the highest level of service, and our core values are the foundation of our commitment to our clients. We call our values EARN: excellence, accountability, respect, and nobility.

These four principles guide us in all of our decisions and actions and form the basis of our mission: to provide best-in-class services that meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We strive to embody excellence in everything we do and to create an environment where excellence, accountability, respect, and nobility are held in high regard.


Our company prides itself in promoting the highest level of quality in healthcare. We focus on patient-centered care with advocacy and peer collaboration.


 We believe in building a culture of professional accountability. It is essential in healthcare practice and maintains the trust of clients, patients, and families.



Excellence PRN regards respect as a practice standard. It includes dignity and kindness as is demonstrated toward patients, families, clients, colleagues, and the overall healthcare profession. 


Nobility upholds the highest standards of moral and ethical integrity. Our standards include reinforcement of practices that are in the best interest of patient care.

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Patrice Johns


A solutions-driven luminary with more than three decades of experience helping companies and their employees succeed, Patrice specializes in transformative HR operations, as well as HR strategic planning. Fluent in the language of translating business visions into actionable goals and initiatives that promote inclusivity, performance, and retention, Patrice is an invaluable resource for senior executives that recognize and appreciate human capital as their greatest asset.

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