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Network of Excellence

The Network of Excellence is a networking forum designed to match professionals with meaningful opportunities. We focus on providing trusted and reliable aid to those seeking to build relationships and advance their careers.

We take pride in our commitment to helping others reach their goals and dreams. Our team of experts works hard to match you with the right contacts and ensure that your skills and qualifications are visible to the right people. With Excellence PRN, you are one step closer to achieving your career aspirations.

The Network of Excellence is also an excellent opportunity to share your expertise with your peers. Our circle of healthcare providers is composed of various disciplines within many specialties. Building relationships with other professionals in your field helps you to stay up-to-date on industry trends, gain new insights and perspectives, and position yourself for career opportunities.


Network memberships are exclusively available to nursing-based roles that are actively licensed and/or certified and within good standing.
All members are verified through the issue state licensing department.


  • Exclusive Employment Opportunities

  • Career Advice and Support

  • Educational Webinars

  • Member Discounts

  • Access to an HR Coach

  • Access to a Nurse Coach

  • Serve as a Peer Mentor

  • Social Events

  • Develop long-lasting Connections

  • Receive a member-only Newsletter

  • No-cost membership

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